Downloaded or Tattered

  Every generation seems to have things they watch go along the roadside. Things replaced by newer and better products or ways.

  Last night I made supper with the laptop open on the counter so I could prepare an on line recipe. Gone was my recipe book. The ones with missing pages, broken bindings, stained pages from ingredients that missed the bowl and plopped down on the book. Gone was my need to ever buy another bound cookbook.

  Then I thought of other books. I thought about my Bible. I thought about how my girls read the Bible from their phones. I thought about how people in church follow along in the Bible by reading from their phone. I realized my need was gone to ever buy another bound copy of the Bible.

  My need to buy bound books may be disappearing but my want to isn't. I love books. I love to smell them. I love to hold them in my hands. Somehow the thought of passing down a handwritten book of recipes to your daughters, or a paperback collection of family or community recipes collected and published for a good cause, means more than a download on the computer.

  Then I thought of my Bible. I thought of all the tattered Bibles I've seen. The broken down bindings, the pages marked well by use. The pen marks, marking the verses the owner either clung to or rejoiced in. I thought of the Sunday morning sound of all those pages turning when the preacher tells us what scripture to go to. I thought about how I like to hold my Bible in my hands and the life I feel in it. I wondered how I could get that same feeling from a phone or a computer. I don't think I can. My children may be able to but I think its to late for me.  I want my stained cookbook. I admire and honor a tattered Bible.     
 So while I enjoy the convince and money saving way I can use my laptop for recipes and even scripture, at the end of the day I want  a bound copy. A bound copy I can touch with my life, I can spill ingredients on my cookbooks and I can mark my Bible and hold it close until it becomes tattered and worn from doing life with me, and I become better from doing life with it.


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