Listen For The Freedom

I've been hearing so much about the division in our country.  It's true there is a lot of division.

We're divided because we're free.

Freedom gives us the right and opportunity to say, "I don't agree"  or "I don't like that"  or " I will work for this, or against that."

While Jesus did say there is to be no division in the church, He also said His coming would divide the world. (Luke 12:51)  He knew what He said would divide people.

He also told us in John 8 that if we hold to His teachings we are really His disciples, that we will know the truth and truth will set us free.

In 2 Corinthians 3:17 this is recorded for our learning, "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the lord is there is freedom."

I love it how God always proves Himself true. He is always right.  He spoke truth and left it to the person to decide.

He has already told us that the gift of truth and freedom in our spiritual life will bring division, so why are we surprised when it brings division in our country?

I know we're all worn out with all the politics, the commercials, the flyer's and all the things that go with an election.

So maybe for the next couple of weeks when I here all the stuff I'm going to hear I can listen with new ears.

Ears that hear all the division and disagreements as freedom.

You know that really is what it is.  Imagine if we lived in a communist country. We would all walk around and say the same things, we would do the same things.  We might think differently but we would never dare say it out loud, we would pretend to be the same, for fear of being beaten,  put in prison or killed.

So when that reporter says that thing that makes us crazy, or someone posts something about our candidate on fb and it upsets us. When you hear someone say something and you want to jump into the TV screen and ask them what they could possibly be thinking,.......Think of Freedom.

I am thankful God chose to place me in a country where I can speak what I believe, and I will be speaking it,  but I'm also thankful you can speak what you believe. I'm glad we're free to debate and challenge one another.  

True Freedom can be no other way.

Thank God for the country we live in and the voice He gives us to use.

Listen for the Freedom.


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