On A Pontoon

From Go Karts to Pontoons.  That's right, Mark has reserved us a pontoon for tomorrow.  I'm laughing already.... I know you are too!

I can just see us now.  Mark has promised me he has had experience with pontoons before.  I think that was in Kentucky in a river.  I mean what's going to happen in Kentucky in a river, it's not like you can take a wrong turn and wide up in the open sea. 

Mark said we will be in freshwater .... I know we will,  I just hope we stay there.

I told the kids their dad was going to be the skipper and I was going to be Ginger.  They said, "Mom, you just called dad a fat old man"....I told them I had done no such thing.  I had called their dad the leader and me a beautiful movie star....

The kids are going to download, On a Pontoon for the trip,  if we're not back home by Thursday, call the coast guard.  We'll be somewhere out, "On A Pontoon."


  1. I woke up in the night and somehow it didn't seem as exciting as it did in the day. I asked myself what I had been thinking when I told Mark I wanted to pontoon. But as usual, with the coming of the sunrise by courage returned!


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