Passing the Torch

  Mark's family have been produce people for well over one hundred years. Mark's grandfather, Herman Gray was raised over in Polk township. He and his father raised tomatoes  and Grandpa Herman would tell us about taking them to Louisville in a horse and wagon and since the bridges hadn't been built yet, he put the wagon on the ferry and crossed over the river.
   Later on when Grandpa and Grandma Gray married and moved over east of Pekin they continued to raise produce and hogs. Later Mark's dad, Lowell would carry this on. He raised hogs and produce on a farm he bought from Grandpa Herman and Grandma Ruby. They still live there today and its where Mark was raised.

  Mark and I rode the same school bus when we were little. I remember him and his sister Karen and brother Mike standing in line at the end of their lane when the bus pulled up. I didn't like him. Later when I was 16 and he was 18 he dated my best friend and I still didn't like him.

  My Grandma Money would go to Mark's house and buy tomatoes from his family and sometimes she would bring them over to our house. I wouldn't eat them. I like tomatoes but I was afraid Mark may have touched them or something.

  One day after church we were standing around talking like people do and somehow we got to guessing how much each other weighed. Mark guessed my weight. I was horrified. He was pretty well right but I was still horrified and thought him the rudest thing ever. I went right home and told my dad. He said, "Well, he's a hog farmer, he's good at guessing weights."  I was even more outraged now. Now my dad was comparing me to a hog.

  I don't remember when I decided he wasn't so bad. All I know was he asked me to a basketball game when I was still 16 and I said yes, and here I am.

  Now I'm part of the chain of produce and hog history. The hogs are history, none of the family has hogs anymore but we still have greenhouses. We still raise tomatoes. Sometimes Mark and I are ready to shut the greenhouses down but the kids say they will keep them going.

They've had lots of experience growing produce and working hard so I have no doubt when the times comes to pass the produce torch on it will be in safe hands.


  1. Haha...i just noticed there isnt a like button but there is a funny an interesting and cool box to check.

  2. HA HA....You are right. I am glad you found them. It's fun to see what everyone thinks.

  3. Well what happened to them they have disappeared??

  4. great story! It is funny as I was reading I could hear you saying the words! loove these stories!

  5. Thanks Tonya,
    Glad you are enjoying them. It sounds crazy but when I reread them, I can hear myself and see myself. I find myself reading real fast since if I was saying it I would be saying it real fast. lol


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