All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From a Chicken

There is  a lot to be learned from a chicken.

Well, really when you think about it, there is a lot to be learned from almost everything around us if we slow down enough to pay attention.

While I was walking through the buildings yesterday I was reminded of how the chickens drink.

They drink by hitting the water lines with their beaks and the water drops out. They drink one drop at a time.

When they are grown they will be drinking thousands of gallons of water a day but they do it one drop at a time.

All of them together drinking one drop at a time adds up to thousands of gallons.

Something to think about.

When we feel something is to small to matter maybe we should think again.

Your act of kindness or forgiveness or generosity coupled with my act of kindness or forgiveness or generosity could be world changing, even if it just changes one persons world.

Most of the time we aren't called to do huge things, we are called to do  little things and it's all the little things that make the huge thing possible

You know even the biggest floods happen because a lot of single raindrops showed up to fall at the same time.

Summary of what I learned from the chickens.... go about doing good one little drop at a time.


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