"The Turtle on a Fencepost" Story Lived Out

This is my Dad and Mom. David and Hanna Marshall.

I'm sure you have heard the story of the "Turtle and the Fence Post."

The story teaches the basic principal that if you ever see a turtle on a fence post you know he didn't get there by himself.  Someone helped him get there.

The story applies to Mark and I.

Thirty years ago when we started out we didn't have the money to buy a place.

We had money for a monthly payment, but not enough for a  down payment.

Mom and Dad loaned us the down payment money to buy the place we now call home.

They told how years ago when they were young my Grandpa, Theodore Marshall, had loaned them money for the down payment on the farm where I was raised.

They paid Grandpa back, we paid them back. My Grandpa helped them up which enabled them to help us up.

I honor my parents today. God used them to give me a home when I was a little girl and again later when I was a grown woman with a little girl of my own, they helped us get our first home.

 God blessed the gift they gave back then.  Mark the kids and I worked hard together and thirty years later we are blessed to buy another farm. They helpled us get the first peice of ground to stand on and then we took it from there.

It seemed only fitting that Dad and Mom should have their picture taken here by the sign. They gave Mark the chance to start a small farm and me the chance to help him.

Thank you Dad and Mom for helping a couple of turtles to see the view from the fence post.

We're forever grateful.

We'll love you always and forever!


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