Fred the Amish

Fred will have to remain faceless, Faceless Fred. 

The Amish don't hold to picture taking so I will draw a mind picture for you.

He is 30 years old. He has brown hair, he wears glasses, he is single,  thin but not to thin just your regular, "I don't have a wife cooking for me kind of thin." 

He is happy and friendly.  You feel at ease with him quickly. He told us a couple of nights ago he is family, not company.  Of course my heart smiled when I heard that.

I think that last comment may have been meant to insure a plate at the table. Ha Ha

Fred is from a very old order Amish, meaning they are very strict.  Our Amish neighbors here at home are from a different order. They have phones in the house, they even have cell phones. They own and drive loaders and tractors and have indoor plumbing.  When they go to town they can hire a driver.

We're told  the old order that Fred is from can only hire a driver if they are going forty miles are farther.

Fred is going to be helping get the buildings ready when it is time for new chicks, getting the buildings ready when it is time for the chickens to go out.  Helping with repairs and just keeping an eye on things in general.

He can't use a cordless drill to let equipment such as the feed lines or water lines up and down but he can use a gasoline powered drill.  I had never seen one never even knew there was such a thing until now.

Fred is a wonderful guy and great help.

Of course in our "English worldly" way we can't help but think it would nice to be able to call him or have him call us when we need something.

But since that can't be we'll leave communications to writing notes for one another and "galloping " over.

Speaking of such, I need to gallop off of here.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to our next visit!


  1. I know who you are talking about. I never met him, but have witnessed him working with George. I think Fred must be a wonderful man!- Lindsay


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