Flat Tires, Dead Batteries, Frosty Mornings and Deer Season

See the mist hanging in the air.
When I came back home from town this morning the frost was beautiful.

We had to go to town first thing because we had a truck with a dead battery and a car with a flat tire.

We had to jump the truck, air the tire and head to town before the battery lost charge and the tire lost air.

Well okay, Mark had to jump the truck and air the tire and then come in and tell me it was time to go.

With the frosty morning comes the opening of deer season. I guess we will make the yearly trek to Paoli Wal-Mart tonight so Mark and Lucas can get tags.

The girls and I like to go just to see all the people. I think the day before deer season is the equivalent of Black Friday for men.

Hope you take in the beauty of the morning and Happy hunting to all the hunters out there!


  1. A great day starts with the beautiful morning frost, but is ruined by flat tires and dead batteries. Next time, you better check your truck the night before early morning ride. At least, your beautiful sight won't be ruined by the repairs you have to finish ASAP. :)

    Rita @ EvansTire.com


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