Savor This Season of Thanks

Soooo....before it's to late to think about it and decide, what are some of the ways you and your family will be showing your thanksgiving and appreciation for the blessings of God this year?

You could always help out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Or you could donate to the food bank.

Hey, what about sending a grocery gift card to a family you know to be struggling, make it even better by sending it anonymously.  They will have fun thinking of all the people who care and could have sent it to them.

Visit the shut-in or elderly.

Invite your child's college friends who can't make it home for the holiday to be a part of your family this Thanksgiving. They will remember you always.

This is a tough but needed one. Decide now to be nice and just accept the fact, you know some family member is going to grate on your nerves. Just decide now to deal with it and make it easy on everyone. Spend the day giving thanks for all the family members that don't grate on your nerves.

Place a basket somewhere in the house and ask everyone to write one thing they are thankful for each day and then read them by candlelight Thanksgiving night after the bustle of the day has settled down. Have quiet, reflective time together as a family.

Maybe you are going to simply celebrate the traditional Thanksgiving day, filled with parades, family and food, offered with a heart of Thanks. That's great too!

However you are going to return Thanks this year, I would love to hear about it. Share your ideas with us.

Savor  This Season of Thanks!


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