Some of the Things I'll Never Get Right

No matter how hard I try, there are things I will never get right.

Here's a small list.

I will never turn the ignition right when Mark is working on the car and wants me to try and start it.

I will never pump the brakes right when he is trying to bleed them.

I will never apply the gas correctly or turn correctly when Mark is trying to get me out of the ditch.
(yes, I do get in the ditch. One time I ran off the road in the snow and had to walk home. When I got home and told Mark he asked me if the car was hurt?  I told him I didn't think so, but I couldn't tell for sure because there was to many trees on top of it.  He just turned and walked down the road toward the car in silence. I followed.)

I will never bring the right tool when he calls for one. ( just a hint to all you ladies, channel locks don't have anything to do with the TV, so don't look there.)  Your husband will mutter many things under his breath if he finds out that's where you are looking.

I will never get it right when any type of livestock gets out.  If I move when its charging at me, he will say, I should have stood my ground and not let it by. 

If I stand my ground and let the said livestock run over me it will be said I should have had enough sense to get out of the way when it was coming through.

The only solace I have is all the things Mark will never get right.

I won't list them though, his sense of humor isn't as good as mine and it might not go over well.


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