Taste and See That The LORD is Good

If you asked me what one of my favorite things to do is, I would say, study the Bible.

I find God and His Word absolutely fascinating.

I love the plan, the story, the foreshadowing. I love how the theme is constant and runs from Genesis to Revelation. I love how God is ever true to Himself. Every time I read He is going to do something I can't wait until I read how, where and when He did it.

The story is told of a man who had a daughter and she started going to summer camp when she was five years old.

She met a girl and they became instant friends.

The girls wrote letters to each other from that time on. All the way up to high school graduation.

When the man and his daughter were cleaning her room and packing her things for college, he found the box of letters. His daughter read them to him.

He thought he had known the other girl, he thought he had understood their relationship. But after reading the letters he realized there had been things about her he didn't know, things he couldn't have known. Her heart was in the letters.

It occurred to him if he took the letters and cut paragraphs out, and then asked someone to read them, while they may get a funny story, a touching thought, or a word of encouragement they would miss the point.  In short , they would have a "devotional" of the girls friendship.

He said the thought came to him, "That's what we do with God's Word"  we read parts and pieces. We read short paragraphs or devotionals and therefore, we miss who God really is.  We miss His plan, His heart.  We miss out on seeing Him prove Himself over and over. We miss promises and warnings. We miss wisdom and joy.

Read His Word, over and over, read His Word, from cover to cover.

Don't miss one drop of the goodness!

Taste and see that the LORD is good.
 Psalm 34:8


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