Everything Old is New Again

Today's the day.

We're getting chickens in both places.  First at Lost River and then here.

We're excited!

Mark and a couple of the Amish neighbors will dump chickens over there, then Mark will come home, we'll get some here and finish up tomorrow.

Things are different this time then  when we first started out here.  The kids were all home last time. It was a family adventure. The lively hood of all of us.

Today, Heidi is married, Lucas is away at school, Jessica is working and Liv will be gone to work when the chickens come this afternoon.

The circle everyone  told us we would make has been made.  It's back  to Mark and I.

How did it happen so fast?

I'll miss the kids today. I'll be sad. 

Funny how something as simple as getting chickens can represent so much. 

For Mark and I it represents our past meeting our future.

We're still here doing what we've done in the past, doing the same thing we did to see our family raised. Yet it's our future now. A future that includes a new place, different equipment, and  hired help. Our free help grew up and left.

So, I'm off to the next new adventure.  I hope it's as good as the first one has been!

Everything old is new again.


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