Clearance Racks and Discount Bins

Welcome to my day.
It started off with coffee and Bible study.


           Then I moved on to IDEM paper work. Nickie, from Tyson, came to help me or I would still be sitting at the table, staring blankly at all those forms.


        With the paper work completed, Jess and I set off for
Bedford.   First we went to K-Mart.  Shopping with Jess is
a PAIN.  She won't buy anything unless she digs it from
the bottom of a discount bin, or finds it on a clearance rack.
This is a picture of her putting back the paper towels I had
and getting the cheaper, but not to cheap brand.


We finally get to Wal-Mart were I found a comforter set I liked. But it was not in the discount bin or on a clearance rack
 and this would never do. Jessica disappears a few aisles down and I hear, "MOM, MOM, COME HERE!'   She had found a beautiful comforter set for $20.00.  When we got back to the little house it didn't exactly look right. The colors were a little different than we had remembered. Not to be out done, we turned it inside out and over and it looked beautiful.  Moral of the story, remind your mother of the discount bin and the clearance rack when she gets older, doesn't like shopping and just throws things in the cart.  Moral number 2, if it's cheap, make it work and like it, even if it doesn't and you don't.


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