The Little Man....Shop Local

I just heard the Alan Jackson song, "The Little Man."

It made me think about our little town. About the square and all the shops.

I remember going to Salem to shop when I was a girl.

I can still see the big Brachs Candy display in Murphys. It was glass and you bagged the candy.

The toys were downstairs. 

I remember Gambles and the dime store that was where Brick Street is now.

And of course Le Genes and Boggs and Justies.  Bennett's, Armstrongs Hardware and the Fashion Shop.

Most of those business's are gone now but there are new ones in their place.

I love to shop local.  It is great to support "the Little Man."

How about you?

Where are the local places you plan to visit for your Christmas shopping?

Is it one of the main stores or is a little out of the way place?

Share your favorite shops with us.

If you don't live in Salem share the shops from where you live, it will be a  good excuse for some of us to take a little trip this season.

I can't wait to hear about all your favorite places!

Go ahead, give your local business a boost.


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