New Romance VS. Old Romance

I have always liked to have supper ready for Mark when he comes in.

Even when we didn't have children and I worked outside the home I always enjoyed coming home and seeing to it that he had a good supper.

I would want to sit the table pretty and serve it just so. I wanted him to look at it and think, "wow!"
Well, I now know he didn't really care about the table setting but he liked the meal.

If it's cold out I think about what they would  like to eat when they come in. If it's hot I think about what would be cool and refreshing.

As you know it was a cold day yesterday, Mark came in and while he was getting cleaned up I felt this surge of excitement about getting his plate ready for him. I was so glad I could do that.

But then..........He came out of the bathroom and headed for his chair. 

Another surge shot through me.  Only this one was a negative one. This surge said said to me, "hey, he is expecting you to fix his plate, he is expecting you to bring it to him." Then the surge suggested I be out-raged. I mean of all the nerve, just expecting me to bring his plate to him. 

So, I was.

Out-raged I mean.

But only for a moment.

Isn't that how selfishness works? 

I had looked forward all day to serving Mark. Truth is I should serve Mark.  Truth is it is okay for Mark to expect me to serve him, to love him.

Marriage works best when you are able to expect things from your spouse.

Think about it, what kind of marriage would it be if you couldn't expect good things from your husband or wife?

It doesn't mean Mark is taking me for granted because he was expecting me to fix his plate.

It means he has learned after almost 30 years that I like to do that. (I'll let you in on a little family secret, one of the things he does when he is mad at me is fix his own plate, I think he thinks that will really get to me.... It does.)

I said all that to say this,  I like it that he knows I am going to take care of him. I like it that I know he is going to take care of me.

I like knowing that when we have a flat tire he is going to get out and fix it while I sit in the car and I like knowing he knows he can go sit down and I'll bring him his plate.

There is a lot to be said for the excitement of a new romance, but I'm finding there can never be enough said for the comfort, trust and excitement of an old one.


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