I woke up a little after four this morning. 

I had Bible study and prayer time then I started the Thanksgiving Day preparation.

First I put the turkey on. It turned out wonderful. Like I described in our visit yesterday, not pretty but wonderful.

With the turkey roasting I went on to rolling pie crust. I made pecan.

My sister-in-law, Karen gave me a great recipe for pecan pie years ago and I have never found a better one.

The secret is to use real butter and to brown it when you melt it. 

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful.

If you want the recipe let me know. You will love it!

Then on to the ham. 

I have never been satisfied with the hams I bake.

Mark and the kids always say they are good but every time we went somewhere to eat and they had ham I would battle ham envy.

I wanted to be able to make a great ham.

I even tried the "The Best Ham There Ever Was"  recipe.

All to no avail.

Today I think I finally found the ham that will give my guests "Ham Envy."

You use about a cup and a half or two cups brown sugar, a big and I mean big blob of yellow mustard, mix it together and rub on the ham.  Then pour a can of coke over the top and bake.

It was beautiful. It was worthy of a Norman Rockwell Easter Ham picture.
I made a glaze with the drippings.

If you could see me right now I would have my arm in the air, my knees bent slightly and I would be yelling, "Yessss!  I have finally learned to bake a ham that will give my guests, "Ham Envy"


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