Sunlight, Mr. Moon and the Little Dipper

The moon was beautiful last night.

 When I look at the moon I wonder if it will be the last time I see it.

That may sound morbid but I don't mean it like that at all.

I mean it with a sense of awe, and thankfulness that I can see it at all.

I wonder if the last time I ever see it will because I die the next day or if it will be because I failed to take the time to notice it the night before.

When I was a little girl I remember my Grandma Marshall would get up every morning and one of the first things she did was look out the window.  I asked her one time why she did that and she said, "I want to see the day." In later years  Grandma went blind, so I'm glad she took the time to notice the morning while she could.  That's a lesson for me.

Mark's Grandma Rubv once told me that every since she had been a girl she would stand at the window before she crawled into bed and look at the moon.  She thought about the day she had just lived. She thought about the night, the moon, and the other people seeing the moon.

While Lucas and I were looking at the moon last night he shared with me that the Little Dipper is what he looks for first in the night sky. 

He knows the planets and the stars. He can tell us what's what and where everything is.

I'm  so glad I have been taught by the simple example of others to enjoy both the coming and going of my day.

Sunlight, Mr. Moon and the Little Dipper.

The moon and Little Dipper are getting ready to say good bye, if you hurry to the window you may catch them before they leave.

The sun will be rising soon. 

Go to the window and watch for it, it wants to show you your day.



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